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Who we are

Vodanet is one of the world’s largest maritime IT infrastructure provider. We provide elite services to meet the needs of our customers globally. The world is our workplace, we therefore contribute to the safety of the sea.

VODANET ApS, a performance driven pioneer of the fully integrated managed maritime IT infrastructure solutions. The pedigree of Vodanet is that we do not stall at obstacles but find constructive ways to overcome and always offer a solution that exceed expectations.

Global Presence

Vodanet has a broad experience with maritime projects, having been actively involved in design of shipboard IT infrastructure and connectivity solutions for newbuilding projects all over the world and working on intricate retrofit projects executed with challenging deadlines for delivery.


In Vodanet we are continuously working to improve performance and deliver the best on the forefront of technology. A solid flexible solution to offer satellite connectivity. Vodanet determine capacity needed together with our customers, based on the core purpose with addition of selected add-ons to achieve a balance between cost, functionality, and crew appreciation.

Vodanet recognizes that efficient satellite connectivity is a result of tuning the entire communication infrastructure together. Vodanet cooperate with leading providers of satellite airtime, actively shaping the traffic structure to optimize throughput to allow the user full utilization of the bandwidth subscribed to.

Our Mission and Vision

Our ambitious business model is based on a well visioned strategy, which enables us to remain competitive in today’s market, be more agile, flexible and able to react quickly to customers’ changing needs. Vodanet offers an infotainment solution complete with provision of TV content. Special channel requests are investigated and will be honoured if technically possible. Vodanet also offer access to a regularly updated VOD (Video on Demand) library, further enhancing the experience and quality of the infotainment solution.

Message from our CEO

“We are open minded and continue to be innovative for the future. We shall be the leading maritime IT provider with global reach and local presence. In order to achieve this, we are always curious about not only providing the services but to also train talents. In Vodanet we are a team, we therefore, encourage team work, and committed to deliver the best.”


Our team is built based on trust and cultural diversity. We appreciate different cultures. In Vodanet, our culture is based on professionalism and flexibility. Our team is determined, engaging and we trust that each team member takes own responsibility and acts based on our core values.

Our Sustainability Goal

At Vodanet sustainability is key, we are able to meet our targets whilst offering Environmental, Social, and Economic benefits throughout our delivery and implementation cycles. Measures already put in place to be energy efficient, include having installed smart LEDs in our office buildings to run on automation.

Our EliteSolution

Vodanet is not just a supplier of these products and systems, Vodanet offer a complete package with management of the entire connectivity solution supplied by us.
The Vodanet operation is built on a number of select core elements enabling the most user friendly, secure and capable IT/Connectivity solution in the maritime industry.

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