Reliable marine network and communi­cation


Professional marine IT and consulting

By Mariners, for mariners – Safe, secure and connected

Vodanet ApS is founded on the background of bridging a self-experienced lack of performance from shipboard networks.
The result is a fully managed, satellite-optimized secure network infrastructure. Scalable to fit any vessel.
Managing a vessels connectivity is best achieved by using a single supplier for the entire infrastructure.
Vodanet covers all your bases:

• Satellite airtime • Network infrastructure • Cyber security
• Capacity allocation • Prioritisation • Entertainment
• Safe onboard • Crew access

Under Vodanet Consulting services, we work with you on any project (Newbuilding or Refit) to identify the appropriate and cost efficient soultion suitable.

Our solutions brake barriers
At Vodanet we do not set any limits, we work with you to establish solutions of your expectations.
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A trusted international supplier

Vodanet work with internationally acknowledged manufacturers. Vodanet is used to working where we are needed, regardless of location

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24/7 safety and support

Keeping your resources online and in full working condition is a pivotal pedigree of Vodanet
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Sattelite based GSM and IPTV is the future

Being able to stay in contact with your social network is becoming increasingly important, having your personal GSM service connected while onboard makes this so much easier.
The digitalisation of broadcast media result in tv satellite footprints being more focussed on high density populated areas, where the customer base is strong, resulting in reduced availability and less selection of content over the oceans and in remote areas. With VODANET IPTV you remain connected to channels of your desire.