Our EliteSolution

Introducing Managed onboard IT infrastructure our EliteSolution products and services. At Vodanet we manage connectivity solutions over satellite, 4G & Wi-Fi, Operational security surveillance, Comprehensive Cybersecurity solutions, growing range of add-on modules for Safety, Leisure and Welfare purposes. We also provide project management and consultancy services for our clients.

Network Communication

Vodanet’s inaugural product is the onboard IT infrastructure platform, a state-of-the-art configuration developed by the founder and owner, Mr. Thomas Truels Schultz. Building on recognized leading manufacturer technology and utilizing available system-built cybersecurity facilities as well as an ingenious cloud based instant component replacement concept, should one of the units in the network infrastructure fail for any reason.

Security Surveillance

Vodanet has developed a solution based on superior CCTV technology to allow continuous monitoring of safety of operation. The concept monitors potentially dangerous workspaces to enable intervention by officers if malpractice is observed, to prevent incidents and accidents from happening. This concept also includes the possibility to have an instant health check by use of a thermal camera at the gangway. Preventing the free roaming of a viral infection on a ship can avoid a catastrophe to the daily operation if uncontained.


In Vodanet we make sure our customers access fast and reliable internet on their vessels both offshore and onshore. We manage connectivity solutions over satellite, 4G & Wi-Fi.


Working with a leading service provider and a leading antenna hardware manufacturer for maritime connectivity. Vodanet is continuously working to improve performance and deliver a configuration on the forefront of technology. A solid, flexible solution to offer satellite connectivity Vodanet determine capacity needed, together with our client. Based on the core purpose the addition of selected add-ons to achieve a balance between cost, functionality and crew appreciation.


Driven by the desire for having access to preferred TV channels, transparent to location of the vessel Vodanet developed our state-of-the-art IPTV solution. Your channels may not be available in the area you are currently trading or there is simply no coverage by commercial TV-satellites at all due to the remoteness of the area.
This is no longer a ”showstopper”!
With Vodanet IPTV we make your channels available where you are.

Cyber Security

At Vodanet, we help our customers to defend themselves against cyberattacks, we help them to secure important information related to the business and their customers while maintaining the integrity of the business. We manage dynamic configurations of firewall rules matching network capacity to available bandwidth. Managed access for all vendors requiring remote access to their equipment onboard.

Satellite Communication

We provide 24/7 communication services for our customers using satellite communication. Our service is flexible, distances are effortlessly taken care of and expense doesn’t make a difference. Our customers can be sailing around the globe and still enjoy the onboard internet service.

Consultation & Management

Vodanet do not only provide the data and network communication, but we also provide consultancy and management services for our customers and businesses by given them expert advice within IT infrastructure for vessels.

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